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Thursday, March 22

Idol chit chat

Since KP has abandoned us for the season (darn you!) I guess I have to be the supplier. Tuesday is late night, though, so I miss the first two or three almost consistently. I need to start recording it.

I missed both of the bottom two this week: Stephanie and Chris? Is that his name? He's kinda cute. What I saw in the recaps, he was pretty good. Stephanie is a good singer, but I admit to being bored to death with her.

I liked Blake, Phil, Melinda and Jordin. I was less than impressed with Lakisha, but I DETEST that Diamonds Are Forever song. No, I really do. No doubt 'kisha can sing. She could afford to have a bad week.

Gina. Gina, Gina, Gina. I like her. I do. She had two problems this week: One, she sang one of my absolute favorite Rolling Stones songs. Two, she sant one of my absolute favorite Rolling Stones songs badly. Well, okay, it was all right. But, I wish people could admit (at least to themselves if not out loud) that there are certain songs that can only be done by the person who did it. They aren't meant to be covered. Paint it Black is one of those songs. It isn't melodious and meant to be re-interpreted.......although I would like to hear Chad Kroeger give it a shot. It is Mick Jagger screaming at you for three minutes. Sometimes, he screams softly. Then, later, it gets louder. Love the song. I'm just saying. Gina chose unwisely and wow is she lucky she's still there.

Sanjaya. I don't even know what to say.

Chris. I can live without him and I don't think he was very good this week.


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