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Monday, March 19

say what?!

Oh yeah. I'm back. Boy do I have stories to tell you. I'll probably fix up the travel blog tonight or tomorrow with pictures. Internet service was .55/minute on the ship, and I wasted used most of mine checking emails from people instead of posting. And picture posting? Yeah, not so much. It would take forever.

They didn't tell me that I would wake up this morning and still feel like I was on the boat. No, seriously, there is a balance issue. While I'm sitting here. Typing. I know the house isn't moving......maybe we're having an earthquake. Maybe it'll be back to normal by later on today.

While I was gone there were new babies! Congrats to all involved there. She is absolutely adorable.

Oh yeah, and Bret Michaels had a birthday while I was gone. (I know you all care as much as I don't....) This bitch looks a hot mess at 44.

Damn right every rose has its thorn.


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