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Tuesday, May 1

Great Scott!

Well, the first exam is over. Yippee. Like every other exam, it was fine. I knew some things and didn't know others. Pretty much the same as every other exam. Didn't I just say that?

Anyway, with an exam tomorrow, and a paper due and another exam on May 9th, posting may be kind of sparse. Just so ya know.

  • I think I love me some Steve Sanders. I was never a big Ian Ziering fan, truth be told, but I'm finding a new appreciation for him. Must be the Cheryl factor.
  • For the first time, ever, my computer wouldn't behave during the final. Well, in fact, I'm blaming it on the stupid wireless connection and not my baby. We upload our exams now, if we so choose, and mine wouldn't upload yesterday. Of course, I had my USB key on me, so problem solved. Still, it was an annoyance.
  • This year's 24 has been less good.


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