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Saturday, June 2

I'm having BEA withdrawal

If you're a book person, this is one of the best weekends of the year. BEA is THE conference for book people. Not only do you get so much free swag that you need to ship it home, you get to meet anyone and everyone you could possibly want to meet in the book biz. Because I didn't plan well, I'm not there this year. My autographed book collection just took a serious hit.

But, C-Span never lets me down
. They cover it live every year for Book TV. So, rest assured, my tv will be tuned there all weekend. Right now, Stephen Colbert is cracking me up. And, he's working the unshaved look pretty well.

Khaled Hosseini and Ken Burns were very good this morning as well. The panels are good, and I'm happy I get to watch them, but the real fun is walking around the exhibit hall and talking to publishers and authors and everyone else who is there. I really miss it.

Did I mention the swag I won't be getting this year?


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