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Saturday, May 12

I didn't fall in

What's up, party people? Yeah, I'm still here. Nothing much has been going on, though.

I did kind of neglect to send out congrats to Rabble Rouser, though. You made it, buddy! It seems so strange that its been three years already! THREE YEARS!!! Of course, law school rarely ends with graduation. Most (but not all) people have bar review immediately following. But, what a huge accomplishment. Good for you!

I still can't believe its been three years.

Congrats to you too, Evan, on getting through 1L. You know, I really, really, really can't believe I've "known" you jokers for THREE YEARS!!!

And oh yeah, that Kathryn Johnston story is crazy.

Okay, I'm done. It just doesn't seem like it has been that long.........

And, really, I don't have much more to say than that. I need to go catch up on my Tivo...... You know it's bad when watching tv is like a job. Hopefully, I can get it all cleaned up and back to zero.


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