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Thursday, May 3

Don't be stupid

Two exams down. Here is a funny story:

Sports Law was my day class this semester, so the exam was at 1pm. Wednesday, I leave work at 12, head over to school, get a great parking spot. Love finals! Go on up to the exam room, take out the laptop, surf the web. 12:30, one else has come in the room. I check the schedule to make sure I'm in the right room, and I am.

Right room. Wrong day. The exam is THURSDAY, not Wednesday. Duh. I guess it's better being a day early than a day late. But still! Yeah, I was a big finals doofus. But, we all had a good laugh about it when I got back to work. And, bonus, I got an extra day to study!

You see, I don't mind telling you what an idiot I am. That's how close we are.


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