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Thursday, July 26


This book was supposed to be more interesting. I can't speak about the accuracy of it, but I can speak about the boring-ness of it. I usually love books like this, but this one seemed to lack the narrative that made others interesting. No, it isn't just a book of facts. Yes, there is some narrative in it. But the little quips and stories in the book aren't funny or engaging. They're dry. Maybe it isn't a book that you're supposed to just pick up and read. Maybe it is meant to be something you read a chapter in and then do something else. I had it along when I was pretty stationary for a period of time, and I read the whole thing.
Okay, I read a lot of it, and I skimmed the rest because I was bored. Fine. The point is that I didn't find it engaging.
If you're looking for something similar, I highly highly highly recomment What Einstein Told his Cook: kitchen Science Explained and What Einstein told his cook 2: the sequel : further adventures in kitchen science. They both have what this book was lacking.


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