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Sunday, August 5

Off the shelf

If you haven't noticed already, I'm kind of a gnat about books. Yes, I'm still reading Harry Potter (even though I know how it ends) and Kellerman's Burnt House. But, I picked up an interesting book on Friday The Emerging Black GOP Majority by Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

An interesting book. Basically, it retraces this history of blacks and the GOP. Not a pretty story. And, while it goes to great lengths not to demonize black republicans, it isn't particularly sympathetic to them either.

Saturday, I skimmed Stacked: a 32DDD reports from the front. by Susan Seligson

I read the first chapter, and parts of it were very funny. The rest of it bored me, though, and my interest was stolen away by William Holden & Turner Classic Movies.


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