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Thursday, August 2

Today's CD

I don't know what possessed me today, but I'm sure glad!

One of my all time favorite CDs. I even listened to the songs I always skip: Almost Paradise and Holding Out for a Hero.

Almost Paradise: Mike Reno and Ann Wilson. Huh?! This was a great song to skate to (oh, I was the ONLY ONE...) but not so great for anything else. Was this the foreshadowing of the power ballad?

Holding out for a hero: on my very long, very (non)distinguished list of overplayed songs.

So, what DO I like about this CD? Yeah, everything else. I'm a huge Kenny Loggins fan. Go ahead, laugh. At least I admit it. But, the Sammy Hagar song "The Girl Gets Around" runs a very very close second to Loggins' "I'm Free" for my favorite song.


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