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Sunday, October 21

You have got to be kidding me

Jen does great five word reviews over on her Myspace page, and I love them. I wonder how she gets right to the point in just five little words.

Yeah, I can't do that.

The Video Vixen is back with part 2
. I skimmed this last night (while watching the Indians take a whoopin') and I can't believe I wasted my time. I'm sure Ms. Steffans is a beautiful person and she means well. Great. Fine. But, in the words of so many politicians, there is no "here" here. This book is a waste. The first one was interesting.....if you're the type of person who is interested in celeb gossip. And maybe I'm just all out of interest for that. It's not you, it's me, Karrine. I just don't care. And it isn't that I just don't care about you, I don't care about who you care about. I can't believe I picked up any material with the words "Bobby" and "Brown" in it. Seriously? Maybe she has a point to make, but it went way over my head. I wish her the best of luck, but I hope she's done now. Unless her next book is about the Knights Templar, we won't be meeting up again.

And still......Dlisted is right there with a joke when I need it.


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