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Tuesday, November 13

Sounds interesting

"Richard North Patterson's novels view national affairs from a decidedly liberal perspective, just as Tom Clancy and before him Allen Drury have seen events from the conservative side. In his audacious new novel, "The Race," Patterson presumes to take us inside the battle-in-progress for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. His candidates aren't named Giuliani, Romney, McCain and Thompson, nor are they necessarily modeled on those gentlemen, but they struggle with the same issues of honor and compromise, the same obsessions with gay rights, stem cell research, abortion, evolution and the role of religion in politics, that bedevil the real-life candidates. All this does not make a pretty picture -- Republican partisans may be outraged -- but it has a certain train-wreck fascination. As this orgy of hypocrisy and duplicity unfolds, you think, "My God, have we sunk this low?" And, if you follow politics, you have no choice but to murmur, "Yes, alas, we have."
I kind of gave up on Richard North Patterson awhile ago. It wasn't because his books got particularly bad, but.....well, it just happened. I may have to pick this one up, though. I'm intrigued. Although, it is only 2007 and I've already had enough of this political season.....which hasn't really started in earnest yet. It is going to be a loooooooong 2008!


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