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Friday, December 7

Go! There's nothing stopping you.....

I hope that phrase isn't trademarked.....

Anyway, the wonderful, beautiful, giganticly awesome Central Library opens on Sunday. December 9th. 1p.m.

I can't speak about the outside of the building (without getting fired, I'm sure) but inside it is absolutely gorgeous. Truly, it is. I wouldn't lie to you just to get you there.

Well, I would, but I'm not right now. It is fantastic. I urge all of you Indy type folks to leave your warm, comfy houses for a few minutes (or work if you're an attorney trying to make billable requirements by the end of the year!) and come down for an hour or so. You won't believe your eyes. There will be music. There will be......other things that I can't remember right now.

I'll be there! Come visit me in the historic Cret building. Honestly, it is well worth the trip. From the 6th floor Special Collections room (and the view of the city that is fantastic!) to the reading rooms in the "old" building, it is all great.


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