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Friday, April 11

P is the letter of love

There are several cities of love and romance that begin with the letter P. Paris, of course, is the obvious one. Everyone knows about Paris. But I bet ya'll DON'T know about Pittsburgh.

That's right. Pittsburgh is the capital of romance starting next week. That is where Romantic Times is having their annual book lover's convention. Authors, aspiring authors, publishers, agents, booksellers, librarians (whoo hoo!) and ........cover models, will all be converging on Pitt for a week, give or take, to network, network, network. And, presumably, have some fun. Parties galore, or so I understand.

I hope I can bring back lots of good things to give away to my colleagues. Most of you know I love giving away books and book related items. Is there anything better than giving someone something they didn't expect? I do like to make people smile.


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