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Friday, August 15

From today's Star:

DEAR MARGO: I found a sexually explicit card and sex coupons from my husband's lover. He insists nothing went on and that it was just a fluke that he received such cards and coupons. If I can't get him to tell me what went on, is it OK to go after the "other woman" and get her to give me some details? I want to work through things to save my marriage, but I need to know what happened in order to do so.


DEAR AT: Forgive me, but I am unfamiliar with "sex coupons." My best guess is they are like the ones for the supermarket, only you redeem them for ... well, never mind. I would think your main problem is not a sexually explicit card and sex coupons, but your suspicion that Romeo has a lover. By the way, he must have big brass ones to tell you the steamy mail was "a fluke." Rather than going to the other woman for details -- which I am sure she'd be happy to give you -- I think a better move would be to tell your husband you are considering such a move. You might also tell him that the "casa chica" situation, as our Spanish-speaking friends refer to it, is not acceptable to you and that you are voting for monogamy. If your vote does not carry the day, tell him it's couples' therapy or "hasta la vista." Oh, and you might try to horn in on the other babe's act by handing out a few sex coupons of your own.

MY advice: Oh HELLS no! It is time for a beatdown. A verbal beatdown, of course, we don't advocate battery here. (even though it may sometimes be necessary.) It sounds like a few people need to be put on notice. Husbands don't accept sex coupons from women who are not their wives. I am sure it is in the contract. If it isn't, it should be. That is foul. And a call to the "gifter" is definitely in order. He'll probably get a big charge out of the idea of you "fighting" over him, so I wouldn't tell him a thing. As Nike says, Just do it.


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