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Saturday, October 25

Review: Pride and Glory

I am an unapologetic, unflinching, shameless Colin Farrell fan. That's what you need to know before reading anything else. So, jump off the train here if that is a problem. I'm also a crazy Noah Emmerich fan, and wow was he outstanding.

Great. So, once again, I am at odds with Metacritic. I don't think there were trite and worn plot points. Well, okay, the ending was a telegraphed punch, I'll grant that one. But some things were not spelled out in great detail. In some ways, it was your typical cop/family drama. If you have watched tv or seen movies over the past 15 to 20, you know how these things go. There is a formula. What sets them apart is how they move within that formula.

The acting was spectacular. You'll hear all about Ed and Colin, of course. They were really good. Jon Voight reminded people that he was Jon Voight, and not just Angelina's daddy. But, Noah and Jennifer Ehle really stole this movie away from the bigger named stars. Truly. You will come away from this movie remembering their performances, especially Ehle. She was beautiful and haunting and heartbreaking. I'm sure this film isn't "artistic" enough to be nominated for anything come Oscar time, but she should definitely get a supporting actress nod. Yeah, she was that good. And I can't say enough about Noah's performance. I don't know why he isn't used more. Maybe it is his choice. If so, he's a selfish bastard! He needs to work more. This movie is set up as Ed vs. Colin, but Noah is the heart of both the family part of this drama, and the cop part.

It is "just another cop movie" and it isn't. I think this might be one of those movies where people will be thinking about it long after they leave the theater.


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