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Monday, April 20

My eyes hurt

I saw Crank 2 or whatever, Crank reloaded? Crank 2: electric boogaloo?

What the subtitle is, it should have been disaster. Seriously, I wasn't expecting the great American masterpiece or anything. It's Crank. I didn't see the first one, but I heard enough about it to know it was an action type movie, lots of running and chasing and crashing and shooting and t&a (because that's what the boys like) and Jason S without his shirt (because that's what I like) Great.

This movie was not even saved by Jason. It was terrible. It was horrible. It was Herrible. Torrible? Yeah, it was that freaking bad.

Sunday, I saw State of Play. I would have liked to have seen the British version so I would have something to compare it to. Bottom line: Russell Crowe is a heck of an actor. Like him or hate him, you can't take that from the guy. Rachel McAdams more than held her own opposite him. Helen Mirren cracked me up. Ben Affleck. Well, he's been knocked in the past for his acting (or lack thereof.) Acting alongside RC probably didn't help. BUT, I do think that directing Gone Baby Gone helped him become a better actor. He seemed better to me. Robin Wright Penn was pretty good too.

It was a 50% weekend, cinematically speaking.


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