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Monday, May 31

This is what I've learned from our exercise on synthesizing rules: Wow, this isn't as easy as it looks. I thought I had a pretty good answer. I put everything down, took a nap, watched some tv, did some ironing....when I picked it up again it looked completely different! Oh sure, the facts were the same. My synthesis, on the other hand, went in a completely different direction! The synthesis chart, which was suggested and is really helpful, looks the same. I guess I can't expect the chart to do all the work!

Anyway, I also did mega ironing today. Not extreme ironing But a lot of it. I'm nearly all set for BookExpo. Clothes are picked out and ironed. That's half the battle, no? Sometimes, short trips are harder to pack for than longer trips. On longer trips, you're automatically taking a lot of clothes. On short trips there is all this picking and choosing...blah.

Today was a gorgeous day in Indy. Kind of hard to believe that yesterday was full of sirens and losing Pacers. Too bad its back to work tomorrow.


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