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Thursday, September 9

Hmmmmmm Baked Goods

My bad habit of walking around without cash caught up with me today when I saw Brian selling yummy looking baked goods in the foyer this evening. The thing is, I actually tried to get money before coming over to school today. I went to the gas station and they didn't have a cash machine! I figured, oh well. I guess I'll just get cash tomorrow. Who knew I'd be missing out on baked goods! I was bummed.

Today is opening day for the NFL. I'm actually kind of glad that I'm going to be missing out on all of the pre-game BS and I'll stroll into the house right around kickoff. Honestly, whoever decided that football and mtv mixed needs a kick in the ass.

Anyone clicking along my links will see that I'm a Raiders fan. And, as a Raiders fan, I DETEST the Patriots. So, Go Colts! I'm forecasting 323 yards through the air for Peyton and 250 yards rushing, but I haven't decided how to split that up yet.

Sleazy Sun Story of the day is about tattoos! But, I don't think any are in sleazy places, so you'll have to wait til tomorrow for sleazy. Sorry.

Hey, Do you Know a Hero?


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