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Sunday, September 19

Surviving Law School 101

The Indianapolis Bar Association presents "What you need to know to survive law school -- Surviving your first semester."

This was a great program. Not too much information, but just enough. This was held yesterday afternoon at the IBA center and the topic was outlining. I HATE outlining. I always have. But, it is kind of an intuitive skill in this context. You have these topics, its natural to put them in outline format to try and keep them straight. So, typical geek, I've already started my outline. And this isn't because I'm just so much more conscientious than everyone else. Its because if I don't do my outline while the topic is fresh in my head, who knows what types of things I'll write in the outline. And an outline with shitty information isn't very helpful, now is it? Nope. Its not.

Anyway, lunch was catered by Jimmy Johns (bonus!) and the speaker was engaging and interesting and funny. There were probably about 15 people there, and about 7 or 8 were from the evening program. We're scared, people! We need all the extra help we can get! They are doing another one of these sessions on Exams at the end of October. Yay!

There were some people in my class who were very discouraging about joining the IBA. As usual, I didn't listen and I haven't regretted it. Its been nothing but a good decision so far.


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