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Wednesday, September 15

So I'm walking down the street.....

I'm on my way to the parking lot which is about two (or three) blocks from work. Many of you who know me, know that I am often oblivious (So if you see me, and you THINK I should have seen you and that I'm just ignoring you, yell my name. I probably don't see you.) Anyway, so I'm oblivious. I get to my car, get in, and am pulling out of the lot when I see this guy flagging me down. Running. Now, downtown, I would normally drive away very fast. But, he's kinda cute and he is wearing some sort of uniform so I figure he works downtown and maybe I have a flat or something. So, I pull over, he comes to my window.

Cute guy: Hi. I was trying to flag you down from the bus. I was on the Driver's Coach. I drive for IndyGo.

Me: Hi. I didn't see you. (I really didn't! I saw the bus....I paid no attention to who was on it.)

CG: I've seen you a couple of times and I'm always trying to get your attention.

Me: Ummmm, Why?

CG: I just wanted to talk to you. My name's Harold by the way.

Me: I'm Robin. (Yes, I gave him my real name. Don't yell at me!)

CG: Nice to meet you, Robin.

We're still in the middle of Ohio street by the way.

CG: So, is there any chance we could get to know each other better?

Me: I work at the library, you could come in sometime.

CG: Let me give you my number.

Blah blah blah, he gives me his number. He probably notices me staring at the gold in his mouth. I HATE, loathe and detest men with gold in their mouth.

CG: you're probably wondering about the gold teeth. don't worry, they come out. I have pretty white teeth underneath.

Ah, so you have gold in their as an option?! Still, he was pretty cute..... if not a bit strange that he's flagging me down in the middle of the street!

CG: Yeah, I saw you walking the other day. You were with some white lady, you must have been at lunch.

Is this a little stalker-esque behavior? Should I be concerned? PPC and I took her new black cherry convertible miata out for a spin the other day, which must have been the day he saw us.

So, our paths parted at this point. I didn't say I'd call, I didn't say I wouldn't call. But, for someone who is complaining about her lack of male company, perhaps I shouldn't be so quick to wrtie him off.


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