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Friday, September 10

&#$@ Patriots

But, you know, I wasn't too far off on my stats calling! I said 250 yds. rushing, and Colts got 202. I was a little farther off on the passing yds. I called 323 and they only racked up 244. So, not bad.

In other football news (and there will ALWAYS be other football news) the Tennessee Titans and Miami Dolphins will be playing their game on Saturday instead of Sunday in an attempt to outrun Ivan. Florida is just getting hammered. And not in the fun, too much vodka kind of way. Anyway, the game will be shown live in the Miami & Tenn. areas, and tape delayed on Sunday on Direct TV's NFL Sunday ticket. Now, I used to have Sunday ticket (but I work too many Sundays to make it worthwhile anymore.) and I can tell you that nothing would PISS ME OFF MORE than paying all that money for a taped delayed game! The game is being played on Saturday, but the game on live! These people have paid good money to see these games and its ridiculous that Direct Tv is making them wait to see it.

I had french toast for breakfast and now I'm all fired up.

Today's Sleazy Sun Story isn't sleazy (again!) and I'm starting to get a little disappointed with the Sun. I'm going to have to go elsewhere for my sleazy news if they don't straighten up! Anwyay, its about the Beckham clan, naturally. Those two boys are awfully cute.....but then I can see why.

Premiership soccer is back this weekend, and Liverpool isn't playing on Fox Sports World or on PPV. So, that means I'll get to keep my 20 bucks, and I'll get a chance to catch some college football while I'm doing the laundry, cleaning house and all that other good stuff I was supposed to be doing over Labor Day. Oh yeah, and working on my Torts outline. Oh yeah, and doing my Civ Pro. reading. I was actually a little ahead for Thursday, and I think I'd like to keep it that way. Its a nice feeling.


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