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Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention --- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Tuesday, October 26

I'm addicted

I'm addicted to mellowcreme pumpkins. No, they DON'T taste the same as candy corn! Some will say that they do, but they are mistaken.

Yesterday was the first day back after Fall Break, and man did I miss not going directly home after work! But, we were eased back into the routine with a pseudo-midterm....which means we got out early. I was home by 7, and that's always nice. I have to say that this semester hasn't been as harsh, in terms of time, as I had expected. Everyone kept saying "be prepared not to ever sleep." I sleep. I work. Sometimes I'm tired, but I'm never *exhausted*. Or, not any more exhausted than I usually am..... these revelations may all be reflected in my grades come January....

My BBC Audiobooks rep is coming to visit this morning. I keep trying to convince him that I buy what I buy, and not necessarily what he's trying to sell me. He hasn't gotten the picture yet, but its still nice to talk to him.


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