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Wednesday, October 20

Speaking of TV....

I haven't been doing much this year. Who has time for tv? I watch sports and that's pretty much it....except for Sunday nights. There are many shows that I like that are still on the air. Smallville, One Tree Hill, Navy NCIS, JAG, Charmed, Andromeda....but I don't have time to watch, or even keep up with, these anymore. However, I have reserved Sunday nights for tv shows. The Wire, Desperate Housewives and Boston Legal. I was never a big fan of The Practice, but I started watching when James Spader joined the cast. I would watch (and have watched) James Spader in anything. Anything. Adding Mark Valley to the cast of BL was another stroke of brilliance. He's never really gotten the recognition he deserved, but he was great in Keen Eddie.

Am I surprised that "family" groups are putting pressure on the sponsors of Desperate Housewives? No. Is it too bad? Yes. Its a great show. Am I surprised that I took that quiz and turned out to be Lynette? No. She's my favorite anyway.

I plan to spend most of Christmas break watching Farscape. I watched the mini series over the weekend and fell in love. Now that they're all on dvd, and there aren't any "new" episodes, that's something I can get a handle on. And, since a friend of mine has them all on dvd, its not even something I have to buy. You can't get a better break than that!

I miss those other shows, but I'll have to try and catch them on dvd. This is about all I can handle right now. When 24 comes back in January, it may be time to re-evaluate.....


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