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Saturday, October 16

My Fall Break

Yay!!! Fall Break is here!!! I'll get to see my house before dark every night this week!!! And my big plans for the week? Well, I think I have a semi schedule worked out.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday: I plan to read books. Real books. Fiction books. I have the new Laurell K. Hamilton book, Incubus Dreams, which has been sitting on my couch for TWO weeks. That is an enormous show of will power on my part, but I said I wasn't going to touch it for fall break and I didn't. I also have an old favorite, Lullaby Town, that I checked out yesterday. As far as mystery writers go, I can't recommend Robert Crais highly enough. Robert Crais, George Pelecanos and Harlan Coben. Just go out right now and reading everything you can find by these three.

The last book I'm going to try and read this week is actually a children's book, The White Mountains. There is a great story behind how I came across this book and I'll have to post it later on today if I still have the info.

The rest of the week, Tuesday-infinity, I need to start doing outlines for our two pseudo-midterms after fall break. And, I suspect, there will be some dvd watching going on this week too.

Friday after work: Martini party at Nicky Blaine's to celebrate making it to fall break. Yes! $7.00 Martinis here I come! Price aside, it should be fun. All are welcome to come out and play if you wish.

And, that is my plan. It'll be interesting to see how according to plan this works out.


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