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Thursday, October 7

Don't know where I was on June 8th...

But I missed one of my favorite people on the Tavis Smiley Show. Many of you might know, or have heard, Everlast as the front man for the group House of Pain. If you were anywhere near a college frat party in the early 1990s (or a dance club, or a house party...) then you heard the song "Jump Around." You still hear it, and it makes me feel really old to think about how old that song is. Anyway....

There is a transcript there of the conversation, but I really encourage you to listen to the actual interview. Of course, there are a lot of people out in the world who don't think musicians should have thoughts (or express thoughts) that don't relate to their songs or the songs of others. So, if that's you, it probably isn't for you.

Besides the fact that I absolutely love his voice, and saying I've been a fan of his since 1990, makes me feel old. As I listen to that first cassette, though, I see how much both of us have changed. In the interview, he doesn't talk much about "politics" per se, but he makes a very astute observation about the politics of music. One out of context comment:

Tavis: ... What's the best thing about the hip-hop game, even today, and what troubles you most about the hip-hop game as we sit here?

Everlast: Um, I'm probably gonna get in trouble for this--the videos I see on TV. If, like--if a white person was responsible for some of 'em, they would be like--it would be like straight out of “Bamboozled,” you know what I mean? It would be like that.

Absolutely. He also talks a little bit about the heart defect that nearly killed him at age 27, and a lot about the title of his new (relatively) album White Trash Beautiful. That heart thing is pretty scary.

And did I mention that I absolutely love his voice?


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