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Saturday, October 2

No Cheeseburgers!

There are a million people downtown today. Luckily, our interim building is far enough away from festivities that parking isn't an issue. When we were in the St. Clair street building, getting to work was (at best) a hassle. At worst, it was impossible. Cops would block the streets and often wouldn't let us into our own damn parking lot.

But, I digress.... a million people downtown today and all I wanted for lunch was a cheeseburger. Many of our usual lunch haunts are closed on the weekend, so I figure a pub/tavern/grill would have cheeseburgers, right? We went to the Old Point Tavern on Mass Ave. They don't have cheeseburgers. I think this should disqualify them from being a tavern. Surely, there must be something in the Indiana Code that says, specifically, all taverns that serve food must serve cheeseburgers to be called a tavern. Its an outrage! I'd been there before, and I like their food, but I just assumed that they had cheeseburgers. IT'S A TAVERN!

I heard an accident this morning too, while I was walking from the parking lot to the building. I live on a fairly busy street, so I often hear the screech of tires as they try to avoid hitting something, but I have never heard the actual crash. Today, I heard the actual crash. I turned around, saw that both drivers were all right, and the damage must not have been that bad. They were both able to pull over to the side of the street (Ohio) and exchange information.

Our lot was also marked for event parking today. We're quite a ways from the dome, so I don't know that I'd want to pay the 3 bucks to park that far away. But, I guess if you're from out of town you don't really know that. And, maybe if you don't have any little ones, its not such a bad walk. It is an absolutely beautiful day. It was kind of irritating, though, to have the lot that we've paid for hijacked. I wonder if we get any money for this or if, essentially, Denison parking is getting paid twice for the same spots that are already sold.


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