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Monday, September 27

Monday always comes so fast!

I need some kind of weekend wormhole. So I can jump in whenever I want, and it takes me back to Saturday morning.

Anyway, Greetings all. The weekend went by fast, but I did get some things done, and now just law school things. Things like vacuuming. That's something that had gone by the wayside, but I'm glad I had time for it this weekend.

PPC, who was going to Orlando for her second tri, got hurricaned out. That sucks. But, at least she made it back home before Jeanne was unleashed. Although, knowing her, she would have thought riding out the hurricane was cool.

The Illini lost against Brian's #%@$ boilermakers on Saturday. I'm glad I didn't suggest a little wager! But, the game was a lot closer than I had thought it would be after Illinois turned over the ball during the first possession. (first play even, I think.) I had a bad feeling about that, but it turned out to be not so bad. We'll get 'em next time.

Liverpool won 3-0 over Norwich on Saturday which was kind of like taking candy from a baby. It doesn't look like they will be on this weekend either, and that's starting to bum me out. C'mon, FSW, at least put on a mid-week rerun or something! Here's hoping.

Raiders beat the Bucs last night. The score was a lot closer than the game. I have my issues with Kerry Collins, but he did good things for us last night. When Gannon took that hit, I think I stopped breathing. Well, no, not when he took the hit. When he didn't get up, that's when I stopped breathing. But, unlike last year, we have a backup that can actually be effective. I'm not a big Norv Turner fan, though. Never have been.

Bears. Well, they hung in there with Minnesota. I was expecting a blowout, so this was obviously better than I expected. They've have a rough opening stretch here, with Philly next week. Maybe after the bye week, things will even out. They are a MUCH better team than they were last year....I think....


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