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Wednesday, September 22

23 Days to Midnight Madness

Someday, when I'm really in the mood to bore all of you, I'm going to have to lay out my sports philosophy. Someday. When I'm not quite so depressed about Liverpool losing 2-1 to Manchester United. I taped the game on Monday and, when I got home, they were doing a replay so I watched the end. Depressing. They were playing in a complete downpour and we had a chance to win it, on a penalty, at the end. Wide. Damn.

Anyway, Midnight Madness. The official beginning of the College basketball season. I haven't talked much about college basketball on this blog because it hasn't come to college basketball season yet. But, as its the ONLY kind of basketball that I like, it will probably get a mention or two in the future. No, I don't like the NBA. I used to like the NBA. Now, I only watch the Finals, if I watch at all.

All of this is to welcome my new blogroll addition. Yoni's College Basketball blog is fabulous. I liked it immediately when I saw it, but I really decided to add it when I saw this post. That is damn funny! I hadn't seen that anywhere else and decided this was the blog for me. So, all you College basketball fans head on over and check it out. Its great.


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