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Wednesday, September 22

Lots to see!

Its Wednesday now, and its been an interesting week so far at Ye Olde Law School. Monday afternoon, the Court of Appeals did an oral argument. It was enlightening to see the process in action. It was really enlightening to see how someone's freedom (or whatever they happen to be fighting for) can turn on the meaning of one word. Or the inclusion or exclusion of another word. Fascinating.

Tuesday, I went to a panel discussion with attorney's in the Government/Public Interest sector. Fascinating again. There was someone there from the AG's office, the Public Defender's office, the Prosecutor's office, and from the Indiana Workforce Development office. Now, this last one was particularly interesting because we get a lot of unemployed people in the library who need to use the IWFD website to file for their unemployment insurance. I would have liked to talk to her at great length to find out more about her office, so we could help the people who come in here. But, I had class at six. The program was over at 5:57. Not much time there. I've been in school almost a month, and its amazing all of the great opportunities they offer. I imagine its because we're here in the capitol city. Neurosis, I imagine its much the same in Columbus?

At any rate, its been an interesting week so far.


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