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Friday, September 24

The problem with working in a library

is that I get distracted by books! I found this old school baby name book while I was sorting a cart this afternoon. Of course, I have to look up my name. But, this book was a lot more informative than the typcial name book.

At the top of the page there was this general statement:

All names that begin with the letter R have the Strong Point of selfless service -- structured communication gifts-- "brotherly love" comprehsensiveness.

Then, going down to my actual name, here is the entry:

Robin (Old German: Robert/English) -- F & M

Major Talent: Ability to incorporate practical work, determination, and structured discipline into career. Competitive, strong and articulate in authority. Has imagination, charm, and conscientiousness. Combines individuality, kindness, and concentrated labor. Landscaper, book-keeper, and piano player are possible career opportunities.
Personality Ingredients: Inwardly protective, responsible, and instructional. Wants family/home/community respectability, emotional harmony, and luxury/beauty in personal environments. Appears aloof, perceptive, and aristocratic. Strives to be discreet, cultured, and perfect. Aims to feel confident, and is best when educated/expert/specialized. Must be known to be understood.
Personality extreme: Too adventurous, or too cautious.

Wow! The book is You are your First Name by Ellin Dodge. I don't think it was off about too many things. Even though I was really supposed to be Robyn....


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