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Tuesday, October 5

Tuesday's Story

Every day the story changes. From Hussein having WMDs to Hussein wanting WMDs and now its Hussein would have given WMDs to terrorists, according to Paul Bremer in the Washington Post. Tomorrow, it will be something else.

Oh yeah, and he blathers on about not enough troop levels, should have contained lawlessness after fall of Saddam Hussein....none of this is news. Of course they botched the entire post "Mission Accomplished" effort. But the reason why there was a mission in the first place just keeps changing. Eventually, they may settle on a story that everyone can agree with.

In other "not news" today, we've learned that we're dealing with a complex insurgency in Iraq.

And that Donald Rumsfeld is also a flip flopper. No bad intelligence. Bad intelligence.

Oh yeah, speaking of Sec. Rumsfeld, this is what he says about the Saddam-al-Qaida link. Now, when VP Cheney mentions the link in tonight's debates, we can compare stories.

God, that's enough to ruin a perfectly good breakfast.


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