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Saturday, October 16

The White Mountains

About a week ago I was helping a co-worker with a reference question when I got one of my own. This is the information that the patron gave me, I wrote it all down:

Young boy, teen, recruited by rebels. Aliens have taken over earth. Athletes taken into city. Boy gone into city as a spy. No title. No author. Sequel, no title. Reprinted as comic around 1982 in Boys' Life magazine. Aliens weakness: had to breathe special gas. Had 2 mouths.

Now, it took my co-worker a good long time to stop laughing as she read over my shoulder. By this time, I was determined to find it. We get a lot of people looking for books and they don't have an author, or a title, or anything. They usually have some parts of the plot right, but not all. Luckily for me, we had Boys Life magazine from 1982 on microfilm. So yes, I did go up and search through the issues until I found it. I think I found it in the May or June issue. The patron didn't do too badly as far as what he remembered. He had some things wrong (no two mouths, no special gas) Almost everything else was right. So, after all that, I need to read this book. It was published in 1967, reprinted as a comic in 1982, and just recently reprinted in a special 35th anniversary edition, and I'd never heard of it before. Not that I expect to hear about every book, but it seems like this would have been a pretty important one in the realm of juvie Science Fiction, which I like. Oh well. One of the chapters had Ozymandias in the title, so it caught my interest.


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