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Wednesday, October 20


For some reason, we had an old copy of The Arbutus from 1928 lying around. It looks kind of like a yearbook, and its from IU, so I'm proposing that its the IU yearbook! I love looking through things like that, so I had to take a peek. They had some original poetry by students, and while most of it was nothing to write home about (sorry!) this one was pretty cute:

Letter from the Dean

Mr. Andrew McHugh,
Since my last to you,
Your son has been missing his classes.
I have come to the conclusion
That much of the confusion
Has been caused by affairs with the lasses.

He's all bluff and guessin',
He never has his lesson,
He misses two classes a day.
If you answer this letter,
We'll make him do better,
Or send the poor devil away.
William Moenkhaus


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