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Saturday, October 30

Saturday Let Down

I have election/political/Bush, Kerry, Kernan, Daniels, bin Laden, Hussein burnout. Let's try something else.

I grew up watching cartoons. Most kids did, I think. Saturday morning, from the pre-dawn hours until at least noon, you could go from one channel to the next checking out your favorite shows. We had a tv, our "good" tv, with a remote control, but do you think I was allowed to tie that one up all morning watching cartoons? Think again, kids. So, if I wanted to turn the channel I had to actually TURN the channel. By hand. I'm sure that was great wrist exercise for my future years as a flute player.....

Anyway, I'm up early to do laundry and there is nothing good on. Nothing animated and good anyway. It got me thinking about what is animated and good out there at all right now. Yes, of course I still watch cartoons. My sister and I both do, and she is 14 years older than I am. My standards have gotten a little higher, though. And, just like any other tv show, it has to engage my brain. This is why the current crop of Pokemon knockoffs (sequels?) saddens me. Is that all that is on Saturday mornings now? I'm going to check out the new The Batman that has turned up on Kids WB. I'm trying not to have high expectations for it, lest I be disappointed. But, really, what else is there? I absolutely love Kim Possible. The Powerpuff Girls are hilarious. The Proud Family is okay, but a little too preachy and plain for my taste. Justice League is pretty good too, although I haven't seen it since it became Justice League Unlimited.

But, there used to be really good cartoons on. Both on Saturday morning and through the week. My all time favorite four:

Batman: The Animated Series
Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
Gargoyles (Before Disney took over and screwed it up...)

That's a nice beginning, but what else did I watch? There is an entire site for 80s cartoons.

Transformers -- The one, the only, the original.
G.I. Joe -- Every day after school, after Transformers.
Danger Mouse -- I always liked Mighty Mouse better, but this was one of Nickelodeon's first cartoons.
Dragon's Lair -- I remember this was one of the first video games that cost a whopping .50! The show wasn't on very long. Who knew there was still an interest in it as a game.
Alvin and the Chipmunks -- I had no idea this one was on as long as it was.
Dungeons and Dragons -- Damn Satan worshippers. Now they're trying to get through children with Saturday morning cartoons. I saw this show a few years ago, some channel was re-running it. Does not hold up well.
Galaxy High -- man, this was a DUMB cartoon! I watched it faithfully. I think I even realized it was dumb back then. A stepping stone for The Simpsons' Nancy Cartwright
The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera -- I remember some of these very clearly like Galtar and the Golden Lance, Richie Rich, Johnny Quest and Snorks. Some I don't remember at all.

Wow. I have no idea I had as a kid! I'm not even half way through the alphabet! Well, stay tuned for part two. This really has been a great distraction from the campaign. Mission Accomplished.


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