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Thursday, October 28

In my email today:

I thought it was worth posting:

Dear Friends,

It's time! Unless you voted early, this Tuesday, November 2, is your opportunity to make your voice heard at the ballot box. Know that your vote really counts.
Here are a few Election Day tips to help your voting experience go as smoothly as possible.
Bring a picture ID. Many states have new identification requirements this year, so play it safe by bringing your drivers license or other official ID if at all possible.

Go to the correct polling place. Many polling places have changed since the last election, and in some states, your provisional ballot will not be counted if you go to the wrong polling place. So check your polling place ahead of time by calling your local election office or reviewing your sample ballot.

Call 1-866-OUR VOTE if you experience or witness a voting emergency. Lawyers will be standing by to provide free, immediate, on-the-spot assistance.
Remember, you have the right to vote if you are in line before the polls close -- no matter how long it takes. There has never been a more important time to make sure that you vote and that your vote is counted.


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