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Thursday, November 18


I'm not a big country music fan. In fact, I am not a country music fan at all. At least that's what I keep telling myself. And, for the most part, its true. Although I did get a little addicted to Nashville Star.....and Nashville is one of my favorite cities......I can stop anytime I want! Anyway, country music, not so good.

But, I was flipping channels tonight (the first time my living room tv has been on since Monday Night....) and CMT had one The Greatest: 20 Sexiest Men. Some were very sexy (Tim McGraw, Mark Wills, Clay Walker, Keith Urban) and some were not so sexy (Dierks Bentley, George Strait, Trace Adkins) and the rest were just all right. I was surprised to see Scott Reeves has joined the world of country music. Soap opera fans know Scott Reeves from his long stint on Young and the Restless as Ryan McNeil. And, he's married to Days of our Lives diva Melissa Brennan Reeves (Jennifer Horton Deveraux.) One hottie who was not on the show was Christian Kane who has a country-esque group called, appropriately, Kane. Chris is also an actor, and Angel fans will recognize him as Lindsey McDonald

I learned a lot about country music in that hour. Or country music men....same thing.


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