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Monday, November 15

I Hate Criminals

There was someone in my class on Friday who was going on and on about how she hates criminals and how, even if you've been arrested, you're a criminal and she hates criminals. There were some other people in my class who had reasonable opinions about "fair justice system" and "innocent until proven guilty" but she just wasn't trying to hear it. She hates criminals.
To be honest, she didn't sound stupid, she sounded young.* Very very young. It just makes me feel really, REALLY old. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there are people who think like that. And before Mr. Virus gets all bent outta shape about liberals being "for the criminals" let me just say that I do not like criminals either. There. Criminals bad. And wouldn't it be nice to get the actual criminals off the street instead of leaving them out there and locking away the most convenient person?

This is why everyone should be allowed to carry guns. Someone commits an offense against you then you can shoot them. If you shoot the wrong person, there is instant and irreversible (a la God and lightning bolts) retribution. I bet everyone would be a lot more careful.....

*okay, and maybe she sounded a little stupid too.


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