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Monday, November 8

Hardhat Tour

Bright and early this morning, I went on a tour of our old library building. Yes, many know of the behemoth we are building, but we are also re-doing the original building to its fine old glory. While things move slowly on the outside (for many reasons) the inside is coming right along. Work still progresses, folks. They have done a lot of work. As one of the site managers was explaining everything they had done (everything from powerwashing the outside of the building, adding new windows to new chandeliers and whole new offices made) I was in awe. It was the same building, and in some ways it looked the same. The main reading room looks the same, although we did get new shelves. Some of the new carpet is down in the new offices and its ok. Some of the new carpeting is down in the conferences rooms and it is NOT OK. Some of the new carpeting is down in the Foundation offices and it is GORGEOUS. This is also the carpet that is going into the two former departments that are going to house all of the Fiction/Mysteries/Science Fiction and Westerns. Its going to be beautiful. Someday.

Plus, I had to wear a hardhat and it didn't mess up my hair.


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