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Tuesday, January 18


I'm from Illinois. Northwestern Illinois. I shouldn't be complaining. But its COLD! Its not as cold as I'm used to, or what I used to be used to. Living in Indiana has made me soft! SOFT! Its still above 0 and I'm complaining about the cold?!

Can't help it. Its cold.

School starts again today. Goodbye Farscape. Goodbye.....anything else I wanted to do. Hello Federalist Paper #51. I love school, but I'm thinking "slacker" may be more to my ability level and interest level at this point in time. Nah. I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I could stay home and watch tv all day, but even that gets boring after awhile.

Speaking of tv, 60 minutes ran some kind of story on Timmy Howard on Sunday. Tim Howard being the American goalkeeper for Manchester United. I'm usually not a 60 minutes kind of girl, but it was worth a watch.

And speaking of ManU, they deserved the win on Saturday. Liverpool had the advantage over them after Wes Brown was sent off, and they couldn't get it done. And it wasn't that United was "better" than they were, Liverpool just played badly. They just played badly. They should have at least been able to draw level, if not win, the match. It was disappointing.


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