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Monday, January 24

Monday Monday

Chipped nail polish looks sooooo tacky. So, why didn't I take it off this morning? Good question.

Lovely weekend! I nearly got run down by an idiot SUV driver on I-65 on Saturday afternoon while it was snowing (and blowing) profusely. But, I didn't, so can't complain there.

I did my taxes and accidentally used LAST year's W-2 instead of the one of this year. But, that too is easliy remedied so can't complain there either. Except to say that I'm an idiot. But ya'll knew that already, right?

Read something about Interpleader that confused the $%@*! out of me. Such big words and concepts don't belong in tiny minds.

The person who lives across the hall from me got evicted, but she'd already moved out a few days beforehand. Apparently, the apartment complex hasn't caught on that she has moved on because they keep putting notes on her door. The fact that the previous notes are still there hasn't tipped them off.....

I finished S3 of Farscape and, against all good judgment, started S4. I just couldn't help myself. I was over a friend's house yesterday, eating Bazbeaux pizza, drinking wine, and it was just....there. She pushes it on me, tells me to take it home....what else was I supposed to do?! There is only so much willpower where these things are concerned! I'm not a frelling saint, you know! Anyway, maybe I can get by just watching it on weekends. Now that, besides the Superbowl, there will only be soccer to distract me until baseball season...... well, I might take in a game or two of March Madness.


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