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Saturday, January 8

They're Heeeeeeeeeere

Grades. At least one of them. I did much better in Torts than I would have done had I not gone to our study group. I had all but given up on that class, and was prepared for the C (or lower) that I deserved for completely tuning out the second half of the semester. Huh. Who knew that studying actually HELPED your grade?

For those of you who don't go to IU-Indy, the 1st year curve breaks down like this:

A+ -- A = 10%
A- -- B = 50%
B- -- C = 35%
C- -- below = 5%

So, while everyone always says "Its easy to get a B" it also appears its nearly as easy to get a B- or below. And probably impossible to get an A+ Always room for improvement......


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