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Tuesday, February 1

I'll be off all week

Because I didn't go to work yesterday. I keep thinking that today is Monday, and its not. Its Tuesday. In school terms, I'm on the right day. Civ Pro yesterday, Con Law tonight. I'm good there. It is work that's the problem! I keep looking at the wrong day on the schedule, showing up at the desk at the wrong times......funny, but annoying.

I had two divine sugar cookies today from Crawford's Bakery. We used to go there for lunch when we were still at the old Central library building. The food wasn't as good as I remember it being, but the sugar cookies certainly were. Still, in cookie terms, I think I prefer the Illinois Street Food Emporium. I heart sugar cookies.

And, I forgot we have cases due to Prof. Schumm by 5:00pm today. I have the actual research done, but they have to be in blue book format and did I bring my blue book today? Of course not. But, you know what? I work in a library that has the blue book. Sheer luck, that.


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