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Friday, February 25

True Story

So, this was a funny story that happened to a friend of mine earlier this week.

There are basically two types of people who come to the reference desk: Those who want us to give them info and then leave them alone, and those who want their hands held. It takes awhile to get the hang of telling those people apart, but once you've been doing it for awhile, you catch on.

So, because we have several people on vacation at the moment, my friend was on the desk by herself. There was a guy milling around who was of the hand holding variety. Another friend of mine had already helped him (a lot) the previous hour, and now he needed more help. This time he needed help photocopying like, a million pages. (Copyright issues aside....)

She helps him with the copying, setting him all up, showing him how to do it, and goes back to the desk. A few minutes later, he comes to the desk and asks her to make his copies. She says no, she's the only one there and she can't. He says "If you were white you'd do it. White girls do whatever black men say."

Is that true, ladies? I'm betting not.

To her credit, she didn't bother to respond. If it had been me, I'd probably STILL be in the principal's office.....


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