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Thursday, March 31


This is what I'm aiming to: A state of being that is just shy of Nirvana. My problem? My one roadblock?

Books. I have way too many books. Books Books Books. Okay, maybe that isn't really my "one" problem. But, right now, its the biggest, heaviest, problem. I have got to get rid of some of these books.

I have gotten rid of a lot so far. Books from undergrad. Books from grad school #1. Books from grad school #2. I even found some old tests (why?!) and shit that I had moved from place to place to yet another place. Ugh. Those are all entering their next life in some landfill. Bye Bye.

The problem is with books that I haven't read yet. I get all these "advanced reader copies" of books and I grab the ones that look interesting to me and bring them home. I get them from work or from conferences like BEA. I say I'm going to read them. Mostly.....I don't. So, they have to go. All the ones that aren't signed, that is. I do think I should get special dispensation for signed books.

And Half Price books doesn't take advanced reader copies because, technically, they aren't supposed to be resold. So, out they go. I mean, really. They're real books now. If I want to read it, I can check it out from the damn library. (which doesn't explain why I have so many books in the first place....)

Except, I'm keeping my, unsigned copy of The Known World by Edward P. Jones It won a Pulitzer last year and signed advanced reader copies are going for 195-250 bucks on Bookfinder. Looks like I'll have to spend the next few years trying to chase down Mr. Jones to get him to sign my book.

No, I haven't read it, damn you! What's your point?


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