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Wednesday, April 13

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica

Someone called and "wanted to know" (read: complain) what we planned to do about the latest GQ cover. I had no idea what was on the cover, but I guessed it was a guy. Its GQ after all, right? Men's fashion? So, she asks if we just let "almost naked" women on magazine covers sit around the library. Well.....yeah..... She asked if we got Playboy. No. What's the difference between Playboy and the SI Swimsuit issue? Well.......SI is THE magazine for Sports. Can't not get SI because of one swimsuit issue. Also, swimsuit issue....not naked..... nearly naked, I'll grant you. See through swimsuits? Absolutely. Naked? Nope.

So, obviously dissatisfied with my lack of outrage, she hung up. I checked out the GQ cover and its Jessica Alba, bad blonde dye job and all, wearing a pair of panties.....with her arms crossed to cover up anything Janet Jackson flashed during the superbowl. I wonder if other branches are covering up that cover.


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