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Saturday, April 9


So, I was catching up on Heidi's page and came across her link to the Celebrity Love Match. Naturally, I had to try. My five "best" matches were:

  1. Nick Lachey. (um, don't worry Jessica. He's ALL yours.
  2. Kevin Harvick. (A NASCAR driver?! Not. In. A. MILLION. Years.)
  3. Enrico Silvestrin (An MTV Italy VJ. Getting warmer. Light years away from a friggin' NASCAR driver!)
  4. Andy Cole ( A soccer player. MUCH Better! Fulham, not Liverpool, but at least we're going in the right direction.
  5. Owen Wilson (everyone knows I **heart** Owen Wilson.)

I'm sorry. A NASCAR driver? Apparently, even web based quizzes can smoke crack.


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