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Thursday, April 7

Rainy Day Favorite

I do promise to blog about something interesting soon.....

Anyway, Today's CD is, as the title advertises, my rainy day favorite CD. Once upon a time, when I was a member of some evil CD club, I got this completely on accident. Yeah, yeah, I forgot to send back the damn card. So what? Anyway, it turned into one of my favorite CDs. I had no idea who Etta James was, but I did know Billie Holiday. Who doesn't know Billie? What I didn't know was how much I DETESTED Billie's voice. I know, its sacriliege. Can't help it. I just don't see the appeal there. Ella and Dinah? My two favorite singers in all the world. Billie? Not so much.

So, great CD made even better by a rainy drive to work.


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