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Thursday, March 31

Jack meets Hank

Why do our radio stations now have names? Jack, of course, is the new station that Kelly and Kelly P have been touting. I have to admit, it sounds great. Hank is a new country station that I read about in the Star this morning. (oh, okay, just a few minutes ago!) Touted as a mix between "old" and "new" country. Middle aged country? Mid life country? Young adult country? How old would you say Hank was?

Anyway, just wondering about the trend of naming radio stations. It seems a little....odd.....

As an aside: I have XM radio in the house, but not in the car. I have gone back and forth about getting the car version, but I always come back to: In the morning, I like listening to the morning shows or 88.7's classical. If both of those fail, I pop in a CD. In the evening, I like listening to either a CD or 90.1's classical. Other than that, I'm not in the car. The only time when it would really come in handy is on loooong trips.

All that said, I do LOVE my XM. Stations don't really have names, though.....still don't get that.


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