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Monday, April 11

By your command

I must keep harping on this show because I absolutely love it. I love it.

I watched the mini-series this weekend. I could write an entire treatise on why I love these characters and their complexities. But, since I'm supposed to be ordering audiobooks right now, I'll just say this: The three characters I liked the least made some headway in the mini-series.

Starbuck: Watching this in an inverted way (series first and then the mini-series) really brings a different perspective to the characters. I was not a Starbuck fan before the I saw the mini-series. And, while I'm still not sure I'm a "fan" I certainly like her a lot more than I did before.

Col. Tigh: he's not the asshole I thought he was during the series. Well, okay, he still is. But I have a lot more sympathy for him, I guess. I've missed a lot of the regular series episodes, so if they have explained whatever was going on with his wife, I missed most of it. Or, I saw it and didn't realize why it was important. At any rate, I think he's put in a bad position a lot of the time, and has to make the "tough" (read: heartless) choices. His stubbornness doesn't help matters, of course. Nobody is perfect on this show. That's why I like it.

President Roslin: I'm still not sure what I think about her. I don't think she's a very good president. But, she never wanted to be president, so that is certainly understandable. She also had to make the tough choices. I guess I really didn't start disliking her until towards the end of the season and all this "believing she's the chosen one" crap. In the mini-series, she's still sane. I liked her.

It was interesting to hear Jamie Bamber (Apollo) with his native brit accent on some of the extras. He reminds me a little of Gary Oldman in that he changes characters so completely from role to role. He has a sidekick-esque role in the Horatio Hornblower series, and I never guessed that it was the same person playing Apollo. Just a complete and total shift.

Edward James Olmos is amazing.

My other favorite character from the mini-series was the chief mechanic played by Aaron Douglas. He has one of those faces that I know I've seen before, I just can't remember where.

When do new episodes start again?
When do old episodes come out on DVD?


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