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Friday, April 29

Move the F*** On

In an attempt to raise their rating, IU-Indianapolis, trying to recruit at an even earlier stage, is hosting pre-school law day on their blog. Sapere Aude (or whatever the hell its called now) has invited all the ego-centric people they could find to come and post about how law school OWES them something.
Tip: Nobody owes you a THING! If you don't like it here, move the fuck on. You're holding up the line, and there ARE people who WOULD like to come here.

Can you believe that some fucking NO-L is trying to NEGOTIATE who they get to take for their 1L classes? The very idea is so INSULTING that its ridiculous. You know what? If you, in all of your not ever been here wisdom, don't like the selection, pick another place. Life is full of choices. Nobody will miss you. Nobody says that you are ENTITLED to love all your professors, and they should kiss your ass to get your approval. If you have a different opinion, and can make a cogent argument, then do it. If you can't, go on a blog and show the world how stupid and petty and childish you are by heckling and disrespecting someone who was teaching law long before you ever started to learn it.


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